Chocolate Peanut Butter Oh My! (A recipe inspired by, and dedicated to my peanut butter loving husband who’s currently deployed)

Just last night I was sitting at the kitchen counter with my munchkin, day dreaming about chocolate and chocolate covered everything! I was talking about how amazing Nutella is and how I wish her Daddy would eat it with out worrying about the sugar content and how unhealthy it is, even though it’s made with hazel nuts.

Thats when the light bulb went off…what if I finally got around to making home made peanut butter for my little munchkin and her Daddy, but instead of regular I could make it into chocolatey deliciousness! I had the peanuts and lots of them, would it really hurt to experiment?

Well this is what I ended up with…”num num Mummy” is what my daughter said, so here it is!


This is what you will need:


4 cups peanuts (I used dry roasted, but any kind will work, use what you have on hand)

1/4 cup honey

2 tbsps Cocoa powder

1 tbsp water

Here’s the fun part, we get to watch the peanuts crazy transformation. Depending on the strength of your food processor it could take you more of less time, mine took me about 10 minutes to prepare, including all the stops to take pictures and scrape the edges.

It started like this…


Run your food processor on a low settling to get that initial grind going, about 30 seconds and you will have this…


Then another minute and you will see the (powdered) peanuts starting to stick to the sides, you will now begin scraping them off so they all get an equal go at those blades!


Before long it will starts releasing its natural oils and start looking more like a crumble.


Keep going and you get a dough consistency…


Now let that processor go on high till you finally get it to a crumbly paste like the picture below. I waited till this point to add the honey because I didn’t want the stickiness of the honey to slow down the process. But this is also my first crack at this and I’m sure I may improve on it at some point, but it worked this way.  So get that honey in…all of it!


Get that processor running just to combine and then add your cocoa powder and water, then run it for a minute and it should look like this.


At this point I was just stopping occasionally to scrape the edges and check the consistency.  Honestly you can make this as thick or as creamy as you like. I was going for a happy medium, so after about 3 minutes this is where we stopped.


And my daughter was waiting spoon in hand to dig into it…she saw what went in and knew there was no way this could be bad!


Hope you all have a chocolatey peanut buttery night after you taste this goodness!


When you read this my love (Boyd) I hope you know there is a bottle of this goodness already on its way to you with love…this recipe is dedicated to you and your love for peanut butter!

Hope you all enjoy!!!

Jayna 🙂

Gratin de pommes de terre

I grew up on this stuff. This is my mom’s specialty and after a long visit, she got us hooked on the stuff. We even shook things up and added sweet potatoes to the mix, which make it even more delicious!

So here it is, an easy 6 ingredient recipe for the best gratin de pommes de terre you’ll ever make!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 medium sweet potatoes
  • 2 small white potatoes (I went with red potatoes, but yukon gold work as well)
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 1 cup of heavy cream
  • salt to taste
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded cheese (any blend)

My mom’s original recipe called for only white potatoes and no milk, but I’ve substituted some of the heavy cream for milk as to make it a little less fattening 😉



Start by cleaning, peeling and slicing your potatoes. Now, sweet potatoes are my least favorite potato to cut. They’re hard and oddly shaped so don’t fret if you can’t get perfect round cuts from them, we’re gonna eat them, not frame them!


I always end up with more sweet potato than white potato, I like it that way, but if you want an even amount of both I suggest using 1 sweet potato and 3 white potatoes.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and now, let’s start assembling:


One layer of potatoes, sprinkle some shredded cheese and a little bit of salt and repeat.



Excuse my big chunks of cheese. I attempted to shred my own cheese since I ran out of shredded cheese 🙂 It’ll melt and all come together the same either way!

Now let’s add the heavy cream/milk mixture. I mix it together in a measuring cup and then pour it all over the potatoes.

You want it to just barely cover everything. The more you put the creamier the potatoes, but you don’t want them to have to much liquid either. I measure by looking at it. This is what you want:


It’s now ready to be popped into the oven!

45 minutes to an hour later, it’s ready!



Serve and enjoy!

Bon Appétit!