Warm Milk Diaper Bag Review

I got a little surprise in the mail yesterday. A little awesome surprise!

This new all-in-one diaper bag and feeding pillow from the wonderful people at Warm Milk!


If you haven’t heard of Warm Milk, let me give you a brief summary of how the company got started:

Patricia Peters, President of Warm Milk first came up with the idea to make this diaper bag/feeding pillow when she found herself needing to nurse her daughter while out and about with no nursing pillow in sight! She then came up with the brilliant idea to make this all-in-one diaper bag and nursing pillow!

As a breastfeeding obsessed mother, I can’t believe I haven’t found this bag sooner! What a genius concept for a nursing mother who always finds herself out of the house. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I struggled to find something comfy to lay under my son’s head when he was nursing. I am so happy I got to review this diaper bag and look forward to using it with baby #2 come this fall!

I was sent the Vanilla Chai print bag and the print is absolutely gorgeous!  It totally makes me crave a vanilla chai every time I think of it!


There’s a big zipper pocket on the front of the bag. This is handy for IDs, money, a cell phone, whatever you need handy!


There’s a buckle in the straps of the bag that you use to strap the bag around your waist when using it as a nursing pillow.


Here is the chart on just how the buckle works:


Here is a picture of the pillow.


The pillow can be removed and washed or for when the time comes that your little one no longer requires a nursing pillow.


Here is what came inside: A changing pad and a little pouch with the stroller attachment rings.

I love that the changing pad closes with magnets and not velcro.


The stroller attachment rings are a pretty awesome addition and I love that they are removable and come in a cute little pouch.


It comes with a little instruction booklet. The image below comes from the Warm Milk website:


Now for the pockets! Pockets are an essential part of a diaper bag! As moms, we love the feeling of being organized and having 17, yes 17, pockets gives you a place for everything!

Here’s the inside:


I will admit that I was a little worried that not much would fit in the bag with the pillow being there, but this bag can be stuffed pretty full! There’s even an insulated bottle pocket in there with a cinch closure for pumped breast milk or sippy cups!

There are 2 insulated pockets on the side for water bottles or baby bottles:



Here is the back view of the bag:


These have to be my favorite pockets. There are six little pockets total in the back. You’ll find a small pacifier pocket and a zipper pocket for those personal belongings you want to keep extra safe. Those pockets close with magnets as well! I’m loving the magnet closures so much, it’s a nice change from all the velcro that gets stuck to everything on most bags! The magnets also make for a clean and tidy look.

Did I mention the print is absolutely gorgeous?!


Here we are testing out the pillow:


If you notice in the picture above, there are two little pouch pockets in the inside of the pillow area. I’ll probably store my breast pads in there and maybe a nursing cover!



My son loves the pillow! The pillow cover is actually very soft and velour-like to the touch. It can easily be removed (by magnets!) and thrown in the wash!

Underneath the bag are 4 round metal pegs. These “pegs” help to keep your bag off the floor so it doesn’t get dirty.

I love this bag. It really is a gorgeous and unique diaper bag and I love that it was invented by a breastfeeding mom for breastfeeding moms! I’m all about solidarity! 🙂 My first impression was that it was a bit big. It looks pretty bulky in comparison to other diaper bags, but you have to remember that it comes with a soft pillow for your little one to rest their head on. I think that perk makes up for the bulkiness.

These bags retail for $115 and come in a variety of cute prints. I will admit that my most expensive diaper bag with my first was about $60. This bag is on the pricier side, but definitely worth the price when you consider that it’s made with quality materials, is super stylish and has incredible functionality. Would I buy it in store? Definitely. Had I known there was a diaper bag/nursing pillow before now, I would have definitely bought one!


So if you’re a nursing mom in search of the ultimate diaper bag, look no further! This bad boy has it all!

WarmMilk also has a backpack version of a diaper bag/feeding pillow as well as a cute travel backpack that houses a pillow and fleece blanket. It’s perfect for long trips!

To find out more about this company and their products, check them out at WarmMilk.com!

Disclosure: I was sent a WarmMilk diaper bag free of charge for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated for this review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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