Water bead fun!

Water bead weather is here!

This weekend we filled up the water table outside and filled it with water beads! This is absolute fun for little kids!

If you haven’t heard of water beads before, I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re typically used to water plants. You see, they absorb water and then release the water over time. The first time we saw water beads was in vases. My son was maybe 1 1/2 at the time and he pointed to the vases and asked for a “ball!” He’s loved them ever since!

If you haven’t noticed it yet, we’re very big on Amazon in this house! I buy everything from Amazon, mainly because being stationed overseas in South Korea, Amazon is the only place that’ll ship pretty much anything to me for free! Anyways… we found these bad boys on Amazon. We got a 100 pack for $13.75. The best deal we could find! This amount of water beads should last us all summer! 🙂

Here’s my little boy’s hand, reaching for a couple packs of water beads!


We made 5 packs today. We picked our colors at random:


Pull out a big bowl and dump the little beads into the bowl. Then let your little helper fill the bowl up with water!

We filled that tall cup of water about 5 times. You want a lot of water for your beads because the bigger they get the funner they’ll be to squish!



He loves these things! The hard part is getting him to wait until they grow!


Once your water beads are covered in water, set them aside for a few hours. The longer you leave them soaking in the water the bigger they will plump up to be! Overnight is best and it makes for waking up to a great surprise!

This is what they looked like in our water table!


Excuse the dirt and small twigs in there! It’s an outdoor water table, lucky for us there was no mud in it today!

Now let your little one’s imagination run wild! My son likes to put them in cups or bowls and dumped them out over and over again! Or he’ll squish them in his hand, which I agree, is a whole lot of fun!


Hope your little ones love water beads as much as my son does!

*Always supervise your children when playing with water beads as there’s always the chance that they could swallow them. Though these balls are soft and squishy, they can’t be healthy to ingest. Use your good judgement when letting little ones join in on the fun. My son started playing with these at 18 months old, when he could understand the “don’t put that in your mouth” command, but I still constantly supervise him!*

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