GuideCraft Kitchen Helper Review

I’m sure you’ve all read Sarah’s awesome DIY Kitchen Helping Tower post by now!

I first came across these innovative “helpers” while reading a fellow Mommy blog. I then kept finding the DIY versions pinned all over Pinterest. I felt like it was something I was missing out on, which is my feeling with most baby/toddler products I don’t own.

I started doing some research on these “helpers.” I first wanted to go the DIY approach, but living in a foreign country where the measurements are in meters and having the language barrier quickly deterred me of that. There was no way I was going to get all the pieces of wood I needed without losing my mind! I then reverted back to Amazon to find one!

I stumbled upon another brand first. At $200 I debated whether I ‘really’ needed it. My husband had given me the green light to order one since he too had no desire to build one. The $200 model was the most popular brand. It came in an array of colors. It was the one most blogs were talking about. The only problem, other than the big ol’ price tag was that it didn’t fold. I then stumbled upon the GuideCraft Kitchen Helper. It was $100 cheaper than the latter and folded up for easy storage. It also came equipped with a small chalkboard and whiteboard and pretty star, circle and square shapes on it! I bit the bullet and ordered it!

The moment it got here my son fell in love with it. At 2 years old he was able to climb on it with ease. It now has permanent residence by our kitchen counter and every time we go into the kitchen, he runs to it and climbs right up on it. He uses it to help me cook, pushes it to the sink to wash his hands and even likes to stand on it to eat his meals at the kitchen counter. We’ve never folded it away because we use it so much. The only thing I would change about it, would be to buy it sooner! I can’t remember the amount of times my son used to sit up on the counter with me to help me cook. I never felt like it was a safe place to be, but he always wanted to be a part of what was going on in the kitchen. Pushing chairs to the counter never seemed safe either and I’d spend most of the time holding him in my arms while cooking! This kitchen helper has been a lifesaver and we both love, love, love it!


About to climb down with his latest treat!


Here’s my little boy standing in his helper!


He loves looking through the shapes in the helper! Definite perk!




















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