5 minute, no-sew Kid’s Canopy!


So after seeing all those adorable reading nook/teepee/tent ideas on Pinterest I found myself obsessing over the NEED to have a beautiful princessy space for my daughter to relax/ read her books/ cuddle with her teddies. As I am currently without a sewing machine, or access to an extensive fabric store, I had trouble finding a tutorial that was simple enough to fit our needs. So I came up with a simple, cheap, no-sew adaptation that has become one of our favorite spaces in the house šŸ™‚

Here’s what you will need to make your own 5 minute canopy!

  • a simple hula hoop. check the dollar store, during this time of year they usually have them! We got ours at Walmart
  • a queen or king sized flat sheet. I found this adorable number at Ross for $16.99 for the set! BONUS, Im using the fabric from the fitted sheet for other projects, and the pillow cases as accent pillows in my daughters room!
  • 8 screw in hooks. I got mine in a picture hanging kit from walmart.
  • 1 thumb tack
  • duct tape

  1. First, locate the wide hem at the top of your sheet. cut openings on each end of the hem to create a long pocket!
  2. next cut your hula hoop to open the circle, and thread it through the hem pocket on your sheet. once threaded through, duct tape your hula hoop back together. You should now have a hula hope completely covered by the sheet.
  3. overlap each open end of the sheet’s hem and place a thumb tack through the sheet into the hula hoop to keep it in place, making sure the hula hoop doesn’t show.
  4. screw 4 of the hooks directly into the top of the hula hoop through the sheet, in a square pattern. (see image below)
  5. screw the other 4 hooks directly into your ceiling making sure they line up with the locations of the hooks on your canopy.
  6. hook your canopy to the ceiling and enjoy!
note the hooks, and thumb tack :) Easy peasy!

note the hooks, and thumb tack šŸ™‚ Easy peasy!

We placed a cushy rag rug and a variety of pillows and teddies in our space and hung a paper lantern from the center with an additional screw in hook! This could easily be placed over a child’s bed to create a lovely little space as well!





2 thoughts on “5 minute, no-sew Kid’s Canopy!

  1. This is a wonderful post. I’ve been thinking the same thing when I see those pictures on Pinterest. I’m about to move so it will have to wait but I have a zillion ideas floating around in my head for a reading space for my son. I just love the whole idea. It makes reading both an adventure and a comfort as it should be.

    I think maybe I should make myself a reading nook too….;)

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