Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel Review

That’s a mouthful.

I’d been eyeing this Easel
for quite some time before I finally decided to buy it for my son’s 2nd birthday.


On the morning of his birthday!

I’m not very good at building things so I left that part to my husband. The easel didn’t come in too many pieces, but it definitely took a little while to put together. As you can see in the picture above, the easel comes with a chalkboard side and chalk holder tray. The other side is a white board and paint cup tray. In order to use it as a painting easel you need to purchase the paper rolls, which then slide into the middle of the easel and roll down onto the white board section, as you can see below.


Everything is sold separately from the easel itself. I scored a good deal on it on Amazon, paying just over $40 for it. It usually retails at $79.99! I chose it because I know and trust the Melissa and Doug brand. Our toy chest is stocked with their wooden toys and puzzles and we just knew this product would not disappoint when it came to quality and value for the money!

Overall, my son loves this easel! It’s lightweight enough that he can pull it out and drag it into the living room where he likes to paint. There’s also an option to fold it flat for storage purposes, but we always keep ours up and close by for artistic days!


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