An Easter Surprise!

I have a special Easter surprise to share. I wanted to keep it a surprise since it involves my fellow bloggers on here, but I also wanted to share it in time for Easter!

So a few weeks ago I came across this awesome idea on Pinterest that involved mailing Easter eggs to family and friends! I loved the idea so I pinned it, hoping the ladies wouldn’t see it and then started on my quest!

I love getting mail. Any kind of mail. I remember my mother used to mail us Hallmark cards at least once a week and when we’d come home from school everyday we’d check the mailbox until that very happy day when the card was in the mailbox! We knew it was from our mom, but we were still so excited to have gotten mail addressed to us! I’m that cheesy mom who will end up doing that with my son, I just know it!

So now that my son’s 4 best friends have all moved to different parts of the world and won’t be here to spend Easter with us, we decided to send them a little Easter surprise!

We went to the store and searched for the biggest plastic Easter eggs they had! It wasn’t easy in our small PX, but we found some shiny large Easter eggs, grabbed two packs and a bag of Easter grass and headed to the candy aisle!

We stayed away from chocolate for fear of it melting. Instead we grabbed a pack of assorted candies, you can’t go wrong with an assortment!

When we got home we looked around for little toys we had that would fit in the eggs. We found a brand new pack of baby dinosaurs, some grow-in-water animals and some balloons! We sat down and started assembling our eggs!

My son was so excited at this point! He picked out the colors for each of his friends and one for himself!


This is his excited face!

Heads up: Easter grass sucks. It gets everywhere and is a pain in the butt to fit into eggs, but it’s festive!

Try your best to fit some grass in that Easter egg:


And then place the biggest item in first, for us it was this baby dinosaur:


Here are the little grow-in-water animals:

Shove in some candy! It was Sweet Tarts, Laffy Taffy and Nerds for us:


Add in anything else you can fit. We put in a balloon and attempted to close it. It was full by then so we called it an egg! Here’s my son trying hard to close the Easter egg:


Once you manage to close them tightly, secure them with tape. A lot of it. I was worried they would open during their slow journey to everyone’s mail box so I made sure to double, triple and quadruple tape each egg.

Here they are! Our little works of art!


We addressed them with little pieces of taped paper and set them aside to go mail them in the morning!

Now, you try to bring 5 rather small Easter eggs to your local post office, place them on the counter and say “I’d like to mail these!” Chances are that the post office attendant will give you a confused look. Mine sure did. “Like this?” he said. “Yes,” I replied, as if it were totally normal. He looked at the eggs. Picked each of them up and looked at me.

“What’s inside?”



He weighed them, labeled them and packed them up. Now 5 little eggs are on their way to 5 little toddlers!

Each egg cost around $2.07 to mail.

Now these aren’t big Easter baskets full of toys. They’re small plastic Easter eggs full of little things, but the best part is the unexpected aspect of getting an Easter egg in your mailbox! It’s a little thing that is sure to surprise! It goes to show that it really is the little things that count! 🙂

Happy Easter!

*Update: These eggs were so much fun to receive in the mail. We are so thankful to have thoughtful little friends like Abe. Here are a few pics of my boys opening their Easter surprises after they traveled by mail all the way from Korea to Germany: DSC_0460





We just loved this! Thank you, friends!

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