Strider Bike Review

This bike is awesome! Seriously. It may sound silly at first. I mean, a bike with no pedals that you just push around. I wasn’t too sure about it either when I first read about it, but now that I’ve had it for close to a year I can’t say enough good things about it.

Let me explain. The Strider is a balance bike. It works by having your child sit on the seat and push around with their feet. Then, with time and experience, they lift their feet off the floor and place it on the foot rests on the side. They can “stride” around. This teaches them to balance on a bike, which will allow them to learn how to ride a two wheel bike a lot easier than kids who start off on training wheels. It really only takes a few minutes to learn how to pedal a bike, the hard part for a child is learning how to balance.

I’ll admit the price was a little steep for the Strider. At $89, it definitely wasn’t a steal, but I figure it’ll get a few years use out of it and the resale value is really good.

Here’s my son on his:


And here he is doing some off-roading:

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