Ideas for HOW to be the best ‘Stay-At-Home-Mom’ FRIEND…Overseas

Living Overseas means living without family.  With these ideas, you can make friends that become family.


Throw your expecting friend a surprise baby shower in your home…the week before your very own due date. Make a homemade cake with adorable fondant icing (order online if you don’t have access to any).

After waking up and cleaning your own house, and taking care of your baby, go to your friends house and clean for them. Do whatever they need help doing. Clean dishes that they haven’t gotten to (especially if they don’t have a dishwasher), fold piles of clean clothes, clean the floors and put away the random junk.

Take great pictures of your friend’s children and post them online so she can have access to them at anytime. She will appreciate if she never remembers her camera and/or doesn’t have enough hands to take pictures anymore. While your at it, use those pictures to make a picture book and present it to her, just because.

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If she isn’t feeling up to company on a morning when you are gathering with friends, make sure to deliver to her house her very own stuffed french toast, drizzled with blueberry compote and a to go cup full of authentic Indian chai. You will win serious SAHM friend points.

“Like” all of her activities on facebook and use catchy comments to bump up her sales posts and create interest from buyers.

Bring back neat little gifts for her and her children when you travel somewhere. Get her children thoughtful going away gifts and when she moves, send awesome gifts to her children for holidays.

Open your house, yard and arms for your friend always even if your husband may be coming home early and you could be having family time. Allow your friend to store outdoor toys in your yard for the next day, the day after that, and the day after.

On a Wednesday or Thursday, go over to your friends house with all the prepared ingredients to make her favorite lunch. After helping her pick up her home, prepare the favorite lunch for her. She will not know what to do with the kindness. Serve the lunch on a picnic blanket outside.


 Make your friend feel like it’s ok that she can’t finish a sentence and has become an atrocious listener due to the distraction of her new demanding toddler. When she asks you a question for the fourth time, and you have to answer it for the fourth time, speak gently and act as though you are not annoyed in the least.

When your friend’s husband is away, bring your baby to her house and sleep over to keep her company. Get up the next morning and make breakfast even if it was the worst night of sleep you have ever had because your baby was in an unfamiliar place.

Share your mom when she travels across the world to visit you. Share her motherly warmth and wisdom with your girlfriends. Share the small rations of authentic Indian spices that she brought for you. Mothers make everything better, share them.


Disclaimer: All of these ideas came from real life. Ok, let’s be real, this is just me boasting about how cool my friends are…but, maybe if you use some of these ideas, you can find incredible friends as well.

6 thoughts on “Ideas for HOW to be the best ‘Stay-At-Home-Mom’ FRIEND…Overseas

  1. Love reading all this! As I was reading it, I was trying to decide who was writing it without going to the end and cheating!! Fun,fun,fun!

  2. Love this post! You ladies are so blessed to have each other. The real blessing is that all of these deeds never went unnoticed by each other. I heard about every one of them as they occurred. As the family who was (and still is) so far away, I was overjoyed that you had one another. Kindness and little deeds are the stuff of charity to one another, a virtue that is often underestimated. So thrilled that you have found this venue to keep the spirit of your friendship alive. God Bless you and your beautiful children! xoxo

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