Creating the perfect Seafood Feast!

In June of 2012, my husband was coming close to his 30th birthday.  Even though 30 is now the new 20, try telling that to him.  Anyway, as we were in Korea at the time, and away from our loved ones, we decided to spend it with our close friends.  He was thinking a Saturday afternoon BBQ with a few beers would do it.  But hitting 30 is really a big deal and I wanted to go all out.  So I decided a seafood broil would be more exciting!!
So I called my girls up.  Sarah offered to make the mojitos, Kelsey was bringing the yummy baguette, and Tatiana was making her famous carrot cake!  That left just the broil to worry about.  I planned to make my home-made salsa served with blue corn chips.  For my seafood broil, I wanted to go all out.  So I went with king crab legs, prawns the size of my palm, and to be different and accommodate our friends who don’t eat pork, we had turkey kielbasa.
Now, our usual crowd included Kelsey, Tatiana, Sarah and their families.  However, the birthday boy thought it would be great to invite two more families from work.  So we had a crowd of 19 coming, including kids. Needless to say this was not going to be a cheap affair…but who’s keeping track anyway!  So I went shopping for supplies; I was in need of some really big pots!  I found what I was looking for in a 1000 Won store.  (This is a store equivalent to a Dollar store in the States.)  Then I bought all the seafood and other ingredients, including a whole lot of old bay!
On the day of the party, I was preparing to fill my pot with old bay seasoning and water, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Again, I find it hard to do things just the traditional way.  So I made a sauce the way my mom would have done for a delicious crab feast.  Being Indian, I used all the good old Indian spices and filled my pot all the way up…good thing I have these ingredients on hand.  I let this simmer most of the day.  Right before everyone was set to arrive, I tossed in the potatoes.  Having so many people meant lots of food, which in turn meant I’d have to cook in batches.  I used a huge strainer to scoop out the potatoes, then in went the corn.  When everyone had arrived and snacked a bit, I started on the sausage, prawns and then the crab legs.  Everything was tossed into my other ridiculously large pot. I then doused it all with some sauce to reheat it, and had one of the boys carry it out for me.  We had the picnic table covered in brown paper.  A big bowl of rice and the left over sauce were set near by.  We tossed the deliciousness right onto the table and had everyone dig in!!
This was a feast that would never be forgotten, and I can’t wait to do it again one day!  Here is the general recipe for the sauce I used. I am just a cook, not a chef , so I have ingredients with no measurements.
Oil (for sautéing)
chilli powder
ground cumin
ground coriander
lemon juice
Heat the oil and sauté the onions until brown on medium heat.  Add tomatoes and seasonings, excluding cilantro and lemon juice.  Let your tomatoes break down and allow the spices to get acquainted. Then add the cilantro, lemon juice, water, and then let it simmer. Now your sauce is ready for your seafood feast!
Our feast was accompanied with yummy raspberry mojitos, and for dessert, we devoured Tatiana’s homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!
This was a fun-filled afternoon with good company and fun water play for the babes. Hope it brings as much joy to you as it did to us!

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