To TEA, or not to tea…

So we’ve all been there…

11 pm, maybe later… Rocking that fussy baby for the 4th straight hour. Pleading to the universe to give you a sign as to WHAT is wrong. maybe you’re breastfeeding, perhaps bottle feeding, but neither seem to be calming your


baby tonight.

Or maybe your situation is more like ours. Your toddler is no longer nursing but still likes a little something warm in her belly before bed. Usually she is allowed a small bottle of warm whole milk, but tonight she has developed a nasty cold. The snot dripping down to the chest kind of cold. She has a low fever but nothing you want to medicate, and she is having trouble finding her comfort.

As a mama who tries to avoid Tylenol or Advil when she can, what in the world do you do? Last week we were knee deep in scenario two, and only 2 weeks into a breastfeeding-less life. I was so lost so naturally, I called MY mama 🙂

“What about tea?” 

Tea? Tea for a baby? Tea for a baby who only drinks milk and water?! Well at this point I’m willing to try anything. So off the the grocery store we go to pick up a box of chamomile. I brewed up a small pitcher’s worth of weak tea, added some honey and a bit of lemon for her cold and taste, poured some in a bottle and put the rest in the fridge for quick refills over the next day or so.

and hallelujah! She drifted into a peaceful sleep!DSC_0265

So we have continued this ritual for the past week as her flegm clears, and she loves it! Chamomile is a perfectly safe homeopathic remedy for restlessness in babies over 3 months of age.

now keep in mind a few rules of thumb before you go running to the store:

  • Your baby should be more than 3 months of age
  • If your child is less than a year old, avoidsweetening with honey
  • Keep the brew weak
  • It will make your child’s poops runny. You’ve been warned. in fact if your babe is having trouble pooping, warm tea can also help with that
  • ONLY chamomile. Seriously. No flavorings, or funny colors. And no other types of tea. Keep it pure and caffein free folks. You don’t want to see your baby on caffein. Trust me

If you are exclusively breastfeeding and do not want to introduce a bottle, many healthfood stores sell chamomile drops! a few drops on baby’s tongue to help ease the fussiness. Always follow instructions on the package and consult your Ped if you have any questions or concerns

Lastly, please understand that this is not a miracle cure for a child with colic or teething, but in my humble opinion, it is worth a try!

Good luck mamas!


*Always make sure your baby is not suffering from other ailments that could be making them fussy. If they have a high fever, or vomiting consult your doctor

2 thoughts on “To TEA, or not to tea…

  1. So glad your little bean is enjoying the chamomile and hoping you are getting a well deserved rest. The honey and lemon are like magic for fighting that cold, you were so clever for thinking of adding that. You made it sound so inviting and tranquil I think I would like a cup myself.

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