Bed time rituals make “Pumpkin” happy!

With the craziness of our day to day lives, I love to keep a few things as consistent as I can for my pumpkin.  I learned pretty early on  that certain routines make her one very happy pumpkin,  and we have kept to it as best as we can.  Since we are one of those parents that have had our pumpkin in her own room since the time she was 2 months old, the one thing we have always had to do was to make sure bedtime was a fun, but a relaxing process.  We needed her room to be a safe and warm place that she would be happy in.
Pumpkin is now almost 15 months old.  She was born in South Korea, while we were stationed there,  and  then spent a month in Southern Africa before moving with us to the States.  She has gone through many different time zones, and has had to deal with some crazy jet lag that her little body had difficulty adjusting to.  I know I had a rough time as an adult, but imagine a wee babe! Needless to say, by keeping to her simple bedtime routines and adjusting them according to her age and needs, we have managed to keep her happy.  She is sleeping blissfully for 12 hours a night like all toddlers need to, but don’t always manage to.
We start off her bedtime routine with a nice soothing bath after dinner, all her favorite bath-time friends are right where she left them the night before, and bubbles make it that much more fun! We get the actual bathing done right away with a simple routine: hair, then body, and finally face and ears–she always knows what to expect.  This is always followed with a good 20 minutes of playtime in the tub, splashing and singing and well…just about anything her little heart desires.
After fun in the tub, and she’s dressed in her pjs, its yoghurt time.  She talks to her “Wowo” (doggie), and sometimes plays her alphabet game on my iPad.  This is a quick but very important part of our bedtime routine!!
Next it’s story time with Mommy and Daddy.  She carefully picks her books that she want us to read to her.  Sometimes she even sits down on her little play mat and pats the spot next to her, inviting us to join her.  This is her favorite part of her routine, she just loves to read her books! While we read, Daddy plays his guitar.  She wanders back and forth between us, reading and trying to play the guitar.  When she’s all done she asks for “Mamma’s Milk,” and then nurses one last time before bed.
Now Daddy takes over to finish up the bed time routine.  He sings her his made up teeth brushing song, and they have so much fun cleaning those pearly whites!
Then it’s off to her nursery.  Daddy and Pumpkin have their own special bedtime rituals–he puts her to bed every night.  She used to snuggle with him while he sang to her; however, these days she’s just so excited to get into her crib and snuggle with her babies and drift off into a blissful slumber!
We have been doing these night time rituals for so long that they are like second nature to us.  We all love the time we spend together before our little pumpkin takes to her crib. I strongly believe that each one of our babes are completely different, and as moms each and every one of us have our own special ways of putting our wee bits to bed every night.
I wanted to share our routine because it is just so special to us, and it makes for one happy little camper, bubbly and full of life!  If you’re looking for something, anything to help your babes get that good night sleep, then it’s worth trying to fit some sort of routine that would work best for them.
My pumpkin sure loves hers!

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