The Other Reasons to Give Birth at Home

There are several obvious reasons one would choose this option, but

these are the other reasons home birth is something you should consider:


For Fido

No kidding, my husband’s biggest concern when expecting our first babe was how our dog would feel. He was extremely worried she may feel replaced by our new child. Obviously, she would understand better if she was present for the arrival, right? This is how he felt and we will never know but she has become the perfect dog for our young boys. She also used her always empathetic expression (English bulldog) and her motherly instincts to provide incredible support for me through labor. Note: there should be someone solely responsible for your fur babies when the human baby is actually born, especially if they are an easily excited breed.

For the Dancing

When life gets tough for me, I usually turn to music. Labor is tough. Music is wonderful. My Pandora station sequence during labor has looked like this: Goo Goo Dolls, Bruce Hornsby, Bob Marley, Sade, and Enya in the final hours. The genera and tempo can change with the progression of labor.

For Fashion

Anyone who knows me knows this topic doesn’t move me much, however, I draw my line at hospital gowns. Period.

Car seat Avoidance

The checklist for new baby preparation includes a trip to the local fire station to make sure our car seats are installed properly.  Fire station, REALLY? We spend nine months building and protecting a little life and then the day after our delicate child is born, we place them in a harnessed seat and do one of the most dangerous tasks of daily life. Usually a midwife will provide one postpartum home visit. This should buy you a couple car seat-less weeks.

Guest Bedrooms

What is better than a comfortable place for you to sleep during the first couple days after birth? A comfortable place for your help to sleep. It is very important for your husband/mother/mother-in-law to have a place to rest his or her sweet head during the night so you can wake up to coffee, bacon, and baby holding hands.


Your Kitchen

Most hospital policies prohibit you from eating or drinking during labor. The logic is if an emergency c-section should be necessary, the anesthesiologist wants you to have an empty stomach. Eating may be the furthest thing from your mind during labor but who runs a marathon without drinking some kind of colored drink? I like having my kitchen stocked with super foods that can fuel me with a small bite if I need strength. If I had wanted a cheeseburger from our grill during my last birth, I would have had one. My family barbecued and played with my toddler outside while my man filled up our hot tub (well..warm birthing pool).

Unlimited Spectators

The birth of your child may be an intimate experience that you wish to keep between you and your spouse, but if you have a large family and you want them to share in the incredible joy…have a home birth. They will be more than thrilled and honored. You can have one video tape, one take pictures (don’t give this responsibility to mothers or mother-in-laws unless your want a shaky video and pictures of the floor) and one in charge of your K-9.

For Your Wallet

There are few costs associated with home birth and your insurance may even cover them. If you have don’t have insurance, home birth will be an incredible savings compared to the high costs of a hospital birth. A midwife’s services will run anywhere from about $2000 to $4000 for the whole shebang. If your insurance doesn’t cover home birth on the surface, you can beg and plead and show them how much they will save. Really, insurance companies should give an incentive for home birthing, if you ask me.

Forget the Bag

I love to travel but I hate packing. I’m working on my procrastination since motherhood adorned me but I still can’t manage to pack earlier than the night before. I don’t enjoy making a commitment to a daily outfit for an entire week so I don’t. I over pack and pay for it later in the hotel room or at home in laundry. We have enough on our to do lists while preparing for baby, we don’t need to add packing a bag that has to have EVERYTHING we may possibly need for an entire week.

For Your Bed

This one may be fairly obvious but it also may hold the most clout. There is no place more warm, more safe, or more comfortable than my bed. Therefore, when I give birth to a brand new baby, this is the place I want to be. This is where I want to be when I stare in to his eyes the first time. This is where I want to be when I nourish his body for the first time outside of mine. This is where I want to be when he is crying and I’m having trouble learning how to comfort him. I want to lay my head on my pillow and cuddle him in between my sheets for the first nap we share together.


Home birth rocks. What is your ‘other’ reason for giving birth

at home and recommending it?

6 thoughts on “The Other Reasons to Give Birth at Home

  1. I love your Blog!!!! It was so fun reading all the great reasons to have a Home Birth!!! And there are so many more!! Love you so much- loved the pictures too!!! Wonder who you were talking about when you said don’t give mother or Mother in kaw the camera! Haha!

  2. I think then next time you decide to have a baby I WILL to fly to you : ) That would make me really happy!!! Oh and you will have a girl, and so will I one day and they will be best friends.

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